Power Platform for SharePoint 201
November 8-11, 2022
10:30 AM to 2:30 PM Eastern

Join Steven Farris in this upcoming LIVE course. Learn how to use Power Apps and Power Automate (flow) with SharePoint Online. This course teaches you everything you need to know to to start customizing today.

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Shane Young gives insight about this upcoming course

Live Online Course
Whats included in this course?
  • 12 hours of live training delivered via Teams
  • A hands-on lab where you build an app end to end
  • 6 months of access to the recording of this course
  • A monthly invitation (6 months) to "Office Hours" where Shane Young and the PowerApps911 team answer your questions
  • 6 months of access to the YouTube Video Resource Library. Here you can view the entire library of our Power Platform videos. There are over 100 videos that contain full working app downloads, links, and code snippets.

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Course curriculum

    1. Course Information

    2. Link to Attend Live Sessions


    2. Day 1 Morning

    3. Day 1 Afternoon

    4. Day 2 Morning

    5. Day 2 Afternoon

    6. Day 3 Morning

    7. Day 3 Afternoon

    8. Day 4 Morning

    9. Day 4 Afternoon

    1. What is PowerApps

    2. Going Deeper on PowerApps

    1. Review the SharePoint list

    2. Customize your first SharePoint list form

    3. Customize your first SharePoint list form

    4. SharePoint Lookup Columns

    5. Send an email with a link to the SharePoint item

    6. Combo boxes, Office 365 Users, and pop-ups

    7. Add Power BI to your app

    8. Managing and removing the customized form

    1. Setting up SharePoint

    2. Start with a Blank app

    3. Add a Gallery control

    4. Add a Form control

    5. Create lookup column like functionality

    6. Add lite branding and screen duplication

    7. Errors, filtering, distinct, and sort

    8. Create a dynamic welcome screen

    9. Additional data sources, performance, and email

    10. Create parent and child lists

    11. The patch function

    12. Using Collections

    13. Deleting and Summing data

    14. The ForAll function

    15. Display related data

    16. Use the Yes/No column

    17. Save and Publish your app

    18. Securing the SharePoint list

    1. What is Power Automate

    2. Demo of some cool Power Automate flows

    3. SharePoint Built-In Power Automate Capabilities

About this course

  • $750.00
  • 64 lessons

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5 star rating

Shane is unbelievable!

Daniel Rumbak

Thank you Shane for addressing so many burning questions I've had for ages. You don't just deal with the technical side but also best practices and understan...

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Thank you Shane for addressing so many burning questions I've had for ages. You don't just deal with the technical side but also best practices and understanding the appropriate use cases for the different tools in the power platform. This course is worth it's weight in gold.

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5 star rating

Interesting, complete and well explained

Yann mercier-savignoni

thanks for the course

thanks for the course

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Meet Your Instructor
Steven Farris

Steven Farris graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Tennessee Technological University while already interning in Information Technology at a large scale construction company in Nashville, TN. He was then hired on full time as an IT Service Technician, and in that time, Steven started working with Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, SharePoint Online, and the Microsoft Office suite. He was soon promoted to Systems Administrator where he dove even deeper into the Power Platform, developed several Power Apps and Flows, led training classes, and managed a lot of administration and governance as well. As a Systems Administrator, he also designed and implemented SharePoint online and OneDrive to help the company achieve ISO 9001 compliance. When Steven is not working, he is usually playing video games, board games, or Dungeons & Dragons with friends and family.