Can you put these classes in context for me?

I am ready to learn the Power Platform

We are excited that you want to learn more about the Power Platform. To help you we have both free and paid options below. The classes are in the order we recommend you consume the content. Or if you feel comfortable you can always start with a later course.

  1. Intro to Power Apps – Free -  Nice overview of building your first app and what you need to know to get going. Starts at the very beginning. 
  2. Intro to Flow aka Power Automate – Free -  Nice overview of building your first flow and understanding where flow fits into the story.
  3. PowerApps for SharePoint People – One time or monthly cost - This class is 100% focused on everything Power Apps and SharePoint. Both customizing SharePoint browser experience with Power Apps and building a standalone Power App and having SharePoint be your data source. This class includes great guides and downloads.
  4. PowerApps and Flow for App Builders – multiple options - This class is designed to help you take your quasi-skills with Power Apps and Flow and turn them into solid skills. We get into the whys of PowerApps and expose best practices and how we really build apps for customers. Includes step-by-step hands on labs.
    1.  On-Demand  – One time cost    This is a recording of one of the previous live offerings. Each module is broken out as a separate video.
    2. Live  One-time cost   Take the class live. That way you get to ask questions and participate in the very fluid course. Two classes are never the same but instead based on student questions and current topics. 😊 


Is there overlap between the courses? There is very little to no overlap between any of the classes. They may touch some of the same topics or techniques but at no point will you feel like “I already learned that”. There are no videos shared between any of the classes.

Connect with your instructor – All students who are currently enrolled in a paid course get access to monthly office hours. A chance to connect with live with the instructor to ask questions, here about what is going on in the Power Platform ecosystem, and her about current consulting projects and other things that are happening in the real world.

Finally, if you don’t want structured learning but instead love the rich videos Shane Young provides on his Power Platform YouTube channel then check out our Curated Video Library offering.

The Curated Content Library isn’t a structured course Instead it is a library of all of Shane Young’s YouTube videos. The big wins here are no ads, downloads and code snippets, and structure. So now you can search the library and find what you are looking for. And where it make sense you can even download the app that was built in the video. You can also add Office Hours to this subscription to connect live with Shane once a month.

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