We are excited for you to learn more about the Power Platform. If you are unsure where to start, we recommend the following order. Each course is a stand-alone offering!

  1. Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow) - Getting Started Free -  If you are brand new to Power Apps or Power Automate, start with this class!
  2. Power Apps for SharePoint People – Monthly or Annual Subscription - This class covers the power of SharePoint and Power Apps, from customizing the SharePoint browser experience with Power Apps to building a standalone Power App using SharePoint as your data source. This class includes two step by step guides and a download of the app. This class includes great guides and downloads.
  3. Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow) for App Builders – Monthly or Annual Subscription - With over 23 modules of content, this class is designed to take your beginner Power Apps and Power Automate skills to the next level. We provide a detailed overview of the building blocks, discuss best practices, real-world scenarios, and related applications. The course Includes step-by-step hands-on labs.
  4. Curated PowerApps Video Library –Monthly or Annual Subscription -  If you are not looking for a full class, but just want view videos as needed, the library is the best choice for you.  We are constantly adding new videos and often times the video includes code snippets and sample app downloads!


  • Is there overlap between the courses?

    There is very little between these courses. They may touch some of the same topics or techniques, but at no point will you feel like “I already learned that in a different PowerApps911 course”.

  • How can I connect with the instructor or ask questions?

    All students who are currently enrolled in a paid course get access to a monthly Office Hours session. Office hours is a live session with the instructor and other students to ask questions, hear about what is going on in the Power Platform ecosystem, and hear about new real-world examples. In addition to the office hours, each course offers a discussion board and dedicated email for asking course-related questions.

  • How is the Curated Content different from You Tube?

    The Curated Content Library isn’t a structured course. It is a library of Shane Young’s YouTube videos. Why should you purchase? No ads, sample app downloads, code snippets, and structure. Now you can search the library and find the relevant topic. Where it makes sense, you can even download the app built in the video. Finally, you have the option to add Office Hours to this subscription. The monthly Office Hours session is a chance to connect live with Shane, members of our consulting team, and other students.