Course Includes

  • Over 4.5 hours of video content

  • 59 page companion guide

  • Download of the app we build in the class

  • All currently enrolled students get access to the monthly "office hours" session

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • Quick Introduction

  • 2

    What is PowerApps and how does it work with SharePoint

    • What is PowerApps

    • Going Deeper on PowerApps

  • 3

    Customizing SharePoint List Forms with PowerApps

    • Introduction and Demo

    • Review the SharePoint list

    • Customize your first SharePoint list form

    • SharePoint Lookup Columns

    • Send an email with a link to the SharePoint item

    • Combo boxes, Office 365 Users, and pop-ups

    • Add Power BI to your app

    • Dynamically setting default values

    • Managing and removing the customized form

  • 4

    Building a standalone PowerApps App with SharePoint as a data source

    • Introduction and Demo

    • Setting up SharePoint

    • Start with a Blank app

    • Add a Gallery control

    • Add a Form control

    • Create lookup column like functionality

    • Add lite branding and screen duplication

    • Errors, filtering, distinct, and sort

    • Create a dynamic welcome screen

    • Additional data sources, performance, and email

    • Create parent and child lists

    • The patch function

    • Using Collections

    • Deleting and Summing data

    • The ForAll function

    • Display related data

    • Use the Yes/No column

    • Save and Publish your app

    • Securing the SharePoint list

  • 5

    Additional Content

    • Companion Guide: Customize SharePoint List

    • Companion Guide: Building a standalone PowerApps App with SharePoint as a data source

    • Clickable links from the course

    • PDF: Import the Customer SharePoint App

    • Video: Import the Customer SharePoint App


Shane Young

Shane Young has been a Microsoft MVP for the past 14 years and was named one of the first PowerApps and Flow MVPs. Microsoft has awarded him this for his work speaking at major conferences on their behalf, contributions to their training and documentation, and for his YouTube channel that has almost 19 million minutes of watch time for teaching people Microsoft technologies. He uses his strong relationship with the PowerApps and Flow product teams at Microsoft to provide his clients the best, most up-to-date information, and techniques for their apps. Shane has consulted on apps across the globe, with Antarctica the only continent not covered. So if you know anyone who needs a polar bear app, please let him know. When Shane is not teaching or consulting, you can find him chasing his very active children all over the city of Cincinnati. LinkedIn Bio:

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