• 80+ Hours of content and counting

    The same videos you know and love from YouTube are now available here organized to make learning easier. And every time Shane uploads a video to YouTube it will be added here so the library is always growing.

  • Download the apps

    Do you watch videos and wish you could just get a copy of the app or cut and paste the formula that is being demonstrated? Now you can for key videos. Examples of apps that you'll be able to download include a full expense report app, an inventory management app, and a time tracking app.

  • Office Hours

    Sign up for the Office Hours package and once a month you will be invited to a private group session with Shane and other enrolled students. There you can ask questions about the course, your apps, and get an update on the Power Platform from Shane.

All of the videos you know and love from YouTube

80+ hours of content and growing monthly

Now you can get access to Shane's full YouTube library without all of those pesky ads. In addition, the content has been organized by topic and for some videos you can download copies of the app or the formulas you see. Making recreating the magic much easier. Everytime Shane adds a video to YouTube the video and all of the assets for the video will be added here. And if you sign up for the Office Hours package then once a month you will be invited to a virtual Office Hours session. Here you or any of the other students can ask questions and Shane will provide you with updates on the Power Platform ecosystem for the month.

Course curriculum

    1. What is this?

    2. How to find app downloads and other resource files (not all videos have downloads)

    3. Import and Export PowerApps and Flows

    1. Links to the 7 most recent videos

    1. Make a PDF with PowerApps and Flow

    2. Create a PDF with table data (repeating data)

    3. Save a Signature (Pen Input) to PDF, SharePoint, email, and OneDrive with JSON

    4. Create Nested Tables with the Concat function

    5. 6/26/2020 - Power Apps Convert Image to Base 64 for Emails, PDFs and Components

    6. 10/25/2020 - Power App Print via API

    7. 1/7/2021 - QTT - Create PDF Page Breaks with Power Automate Flow

    1. 8/16/2020 - Power Apps Teams Integration

    2. 8/23/2020 - Teams and Flow Integration

    3. 8/30/2020 - Microsoft Teams To Do list - Adaptive Cards

    4. 9/22/2020 - Build and Customize your first Teams App with Power Apps Full Training

    5. 9/22/2020 - Build and Customize your first Teams App with Power Apps Full Training

    6. 9/22/2020 - Create your first custom app for Microsoft Teams with Power Apps in 5 minutes

    7. 9/29/2020 - Create a Teams meeting from Power Apps or Power Automate

    8. 10/29/2020 - QTT - Create a mobile app in Project Oakdale

    9. 11/9/2020 - Power Virtual Agent for Microsoft Teams - Building Chatbots for Project Oakdale

    10. 12/13/2020 - Importing into Dataverse for Teams using Power Automate

    1. 8/1/2020 - Power Apps Send Email with the Outlook Connector - EVERYTHING

    2. Old - Send email with a Button - Old watch video from 8/1/2020 for an update

    3. Send emails with collections of data and related functions

    4. Email attachments

    5. Send emails with multiple attachments

    6. Send Pen Input as an attachment from your Consent Form

    7. Send Pen Input in the body of an email plus other pen input JSON concepts

    8. 11/12/2019 - Microsoft Flow aka Power Automate - Launch child flows by getting data from Excel to build a mailing list

    9. 4/6/2020 - Create Calendar Invite with PowerApps

    10. 6/26/2020 - Power Apps Convert Image to Base 64 for including in the body or signature line of the Emails

    11. 10/22/2020 - QTT - Power Apps MailTo function to launch your email client

    12. 12/6/2020 - Power Apps SMTP connector to send Do Not Reply Emails

    13. Send emails from other users with SharePoint rest API

    1. Build your first PowerApps App from a SharePoint list

    2. 11/5/2020 - QTT - Understanding SharePoint columns and Power Apps

    3. Recreate SharePoint LookUp Column like functionality - Relationships

    4. Save an image to SharePoint with Flow

    5. PowerApps SharePoint Complex Columns

    6. Patch a SharePoint Column

    7. Use Tabs to make large forms easier to use

    8. SharePoint Approval Flow

    9. Customize Modern SharePoint List Forms with PowerApps

    10. Upload a file to SharePoint Document Library

    11. 7/10/2020 - SharePoint Workflow Announcement and walkthrough of built-in Power Automate with SharePoint Online

    12. 11/23/2020 - Power Apps Time zones and UTC and how they work with Data Sources like SharePoint and Excel

    13. 11/5/2020 - QTT - Understanding SharePoint columns and Power Apps

    14. 11/19/2020 - QTT - Create a large SharePoint Online list for Power Apps and Power Automate

    15. 12/3/2020 - QTT - Power Apps upload a file to SharePoint with Metadata

    16. 12/23/2020 - QTT - Manage SharePoint Permissions with Power Automate

About this course

  • $15.00 / month
  • 349 lessons
  • 129 hours of video content


  • Why would I sign up for this when I can watch on YouTube for free?

    Totally fair question. We have rolled out this offering because we get countless requests from viewers that want a way to better consume the ever growing library. Videos here are organized by topic, provide downloads and code snippets when available, and NO ADS. If you don't need or want any of that then please continue to watch on YouTube for free. All videos are posted in both places.

  • What does it mean when you say downloads and code snippets when available?

    For some videos a download of the app wouldn't make sense or isn't available because Shane forgot to hit save after he finished the video. For those videos there are no downloads. All future videos will make the app available for download at a minimum.

  • How soon will YouTube content be uploaded to the site? Do I automatically get access to it?

    All new YouTube videos will be uploaded here within one business day.

  • Is this a formal, structured class?

    No. The content has been better labeled and organized to make consumption easier but this should not be mistaken for formally training. We do offer those type of classes that include hands on labs, learning guides, and formal instruction. This offering is just a better way to consume our vast library of PowerApps an Flow content.

  • I need more help with PowerApps what do you offer?

    Through our website https://www.PowerApps911.com we have mentoring and consulting options available to help you projects big or small. Here at https://training.powerapps911.com we offer formal training classes that are available on-demand, live, or even custom private classes.

  • What are Office Hours?

    Once a month Office Hours are hosted live by Shane Young. Each Office Hours session is a fluid conversation between students and Shane. Shane uses office hours to answer student’s questions about Power Apps, to discuss the latest announcements in the Power Platform, and for Shane to talk about what he is seeing with his consulting customers. The idea is we know sometimes with on-demand training it is easy to feel disconnected so office hours are a chance to connect.


YouTube Video Resource Library + Office Hours

Access to all of the videos, resources, and a monthly office hours session to ask questions!

YouTube Video Resource Library

Access to all of the videos and resources!

Office Hours Feedback

by Evelyn

Thanks for conducting the PowerApps Office hours. My time in attending was well invested! I find it interesting and helpful to hear what others are doing within PowerApps, the issues they are encountering, and your approaches to solutioning the issues. The conversations expand my thought process in terms of potential uses within my own organization and/or items that I should look into further. Additionally, I liked the updates you provided related to Microsoft direction for the various tools and platforms. I appreciate your willingness to support others in our use of PowerApps and related tools. Great job!

Holiday Saved!

by Greg

Did not know where to post this (so I picked the PowerApps video with most views), but I felt compelled to give credit, where credit is due. I have hesitated for the past week to purchase your course, because your videos are so good and I have been pounding on an application, with great results. Everything was done and ready for an awesome demo tomorrow. . .but I found a bug, and it was quite challenging (a wall.) I do not think I would have gotten the answer if I did not run across a forum https:// powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Building-Power- Apps/Change-dropdown-value-OnSelect/m-p/ where you posted a great 393621 14942 solution (ironically all the other people on the thread did not recognize this.) Anyways, you saved me some serious time and pain, and I am very grateful. I made my decision immediately and went and bought a years subscription to your PowerApps course, because your one post, saved my Holiday!!!! Thanks!